July 8, 2006

In the interest of full disclosure

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I thought, given the furor whipped up by right-wing blogs over MyDD blogger Jerome Armstrong accepting money from former Virginia governor Mark Warner, and DailyKos‘s Markos Moulitsas formerly being on the Howard Dean campaign as a consultant, I thought it best that a few things about me were made public. On the internet, there are no secrets, and it’s probably better to be open about such things instead of having to explain, after someone else revealed them, why you kept them a secret.

I currently work for Friends of John Kerry and Keeping America’s Promise. However, unless I explicitly say otherwise for a particular item, the following are true:

  • Although I support him, absolutely nothing written for this blog is commissioned by them. I accept no payments, monetary or otherwise, for articles written for this blog, or any other website to which I post content on my own initiative.
  • Nothing I write here is vetted or sanctioned by them.
  • I’m nobody’s marionette. If I write a piece supportive of John Kerry, that’s my choice. He writes occasional pieces on Daily Kos and the Huffington Post, for heaven’s sake; do you really think that my blog is more effective if they wanted to put a message out to the "Netroots"?
  • I’m paying all domain and hosting costs for this blog, I use free open-source software to run the blog, and I do administrative functions and maintenance on my own time.
  • If you want inside information, the answer is an unqualified NO, and that’s my final answer. This is standard policy for any private entity. Any comments requesting it are fair game for deletion.
  • All content that is posted by the user "PolitiCalypso" is my own work, with the exception of content quoted and cited from another source.
  • Any advertisements and links on this blog are, again, my choice, and do not imply sponsorship of my blog or any other site to which I control the copyright. Any possible future paid advertisements will in no way affect the content of what I write.

I hope this clears things up.

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